Friday, August 07, 2009

Regarding: Dog Naming

Jeron: for a security question... how about "what is sprocket's alter ego's name?"
me: well yeah, but he has several
me: Jerry? Eli? LB?
Jeron: haha
Jeron: Jerry
Jeron: i dont know those others!
me: Eli was what Lindsey named him when she gave him to me
me: and actually when he was born his name was Liberty
me: (ick)
Jeron: whoa
Jeron: liberty?
Jeron: seriously?
me: well
me: he was born on the day that the Patriots won the super bowl
me: so the first born was named Patriot
me: another one Freedom
me: Liberty
me: etc.
me: they're just temporary names anyway
Jeron: that's so gross i can hardly stand to think about it
me: i don't think the breeders intend for them to stick
me: they probably breed a LOT of dogs and get sick of naming them
Jeron: i would just use a random passkey generator and name them that way
me: hahahahahaha
Jeron: brilliant huh?
me: yeah
Jeron: "aw, how cute... your name will be: C0A5EF22A4B4746D7DF49B003A3217614AE3F11A5FC058745A3D86E2F857177D"



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