Monday, September 27, 2004

Regarding: Cruising up to D.C. After Work (from Dallas)

labaloha: what are you doing tonight
MaggiePrin2: i am going to javier's for dinner
labaloha: what is that
MaggiePrin2: a mexican food restaurant
MaggiePrin2: with my dad
labaloha: is he in town?
labaloha: or are you going to dc?

Regarding: Understanding Common Sayings

ibruiseeasily: are you teaching?
Mr toe: nah; i'm delivering pizza
ibruiseeasily: where at
Mr toe: mangia pizza
ibruiseeasily: you just made that up, huh
Mr toe: hahaha, no i didn't
Mr toe: those people think waaay outside the box.
ibruiseeasily: the... pizza box?
Mr toe: no, inside that, but outside the box of familiar thinking.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Regarding: Outlook Calendar Abuse

MaggiePrin2: i forgot that my team is taking me out to lunch today for my 1 year anniversary
ibruiseeasily: "forgot" huh
ibruiseeasily: how convenient
MaggiePrin2: i did, a-hole, you can look on my calender it was scheduled and everything
ibruiseeasily: you scheduled to forget that you had a lunch planned with your team?

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Regarding: My Strange Sleeping Habits

ibruiseeasily: so i talked to clint last night
MaggiePrin2: how was that
MaggiePrin2: why did he call you at two in the morning on monday?
ibruiseeasily: because he's an idiot
ibruiseeasily: last night, though, i talked to him at like 3
ibruiseeasily: which is like 4 his time
MaggiePrin2: 3 am?
MaggiePrin2: why were you up that late?
ibruiseeasily: because my phone was ringing

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Regarding: How Video Game Characters Get a Piece of Ass

ibruiseeasily: did you ever used to play street fighter?
ibruiseeasily: specifically street fighter 2
PatriotHeart: hell yes
ibruiseeasily: i was wondering...
ibruiseeasily: do you think dhalsim uses a remote?
PatriotHeart: is he the african dude
ibruiseeasily: yes
PatriotHeart: what kind of remote are we talking about here
ibruiseeasily: remote control
ibruiseeasily: like when he watches tv
PatriotHeart: i bet he doesn't use the remote when he's got a chick over and wants to get laid, so he shows off w/ the arms

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Regarding: Confidence in Your Friends' Job Prospects

carnoboy: hey, laura landed a job today
Urmomsahoe: awesome! where?
Urmomsahoe: quiznos?

Regarding: A Case for not using Pronouns, or, Being Awesome in Bed

ibruiseeasily: laura just called me
ibruiseeasily: she said that she dreamt that we got it on
MaggiePrin2: nice
MaggiePrin2: did she say if you were any good
ibruiseeasily: not me and her
ibruiseeasily: you and i
MaggiePrin2: oh
ibruiseeasily: so i guess i should ask you the same thing
MaggiePrin2: i was probably f-ing awesome
ibruiseeasily: no, i meant if i was any good
MaggiePrin2: well it wasn't my dream so i wouldn't know
ibruiseeasily: touche