Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Regarding: The Gayest Conversation

labaloha: guess what
jasonatperot: you're gay?
labaloha: what no
jasonatperot: i'm gay?
labaloha: are you?
jasonatperot: i don't think so
jasonatperot: i thought you were going to tell me
labaloha: well, i dont really think you are
jasonatperot: neither do i
jasonatperot: but is that what you were going to tell me?
labaloha: no
labaloha: guess again
jasonatperot: i'm gay?
jasonatperot: no, wait, did i guess that already
labaloha: you want me to just tell you
jasonatperot: well, only if it doesn't have to do with someone being gay
jasonatperot: because if it does, i'm close
labaloha: no, it doesnt
labaloha: i learned how to use illustrator
labaloha: arent you excited
jasonatperot: i guess
jasonatperot: but not nearly as excited as i would have been had someone been gay.

Regarding: Robert Smith's Charity Marathons

MaggiePrin2: no i haven't made any plans for this weekend yet
MaggiePrin2: i am running the race for the cure on saturday morning
jasonatperot: oh yeah
jasonatperot: i hope you win it
MaggiePrin2: yeah right
jasonatperot: well it's not a big deal if you don't
jasonatperot: i mean who wants to race for a shitty 80's band anyway

Regarding: Things I Shouldn't Have Laughed Out Loud At

MaggiePrin2: well he did go to A&M can expect much more than tool
jasonatperot: maggs, your run-ons are getting real bad
MaggiePrin2: that wasn't a runon, really
jasonatperot: well i don't understand it.
MaggiePrin2: i meant to say can't expect
jasonatperot: k
MaggiePrin2: hey, its IM, not the new york times here

Regarding: Exavuae-ing

labaloha: we just had to exavuae

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Regarding: The Hour-and-a-Half Long Joke

labaloha (2:55:47 PM): where does laura live
jasonatperot (2:56:11 PM): d.c.
labaloha (2:56:21 PM): in the district
jasonatperot (2:56:54 PM): let me get out my district map
jasonatperot (2:57:00 PM): hold on
labaloha (2:57:02 PM): no
jasonatperot (2:57:10 PM): i'll have it, just a second
labaloha (2:57:13 PM): i meant, does she live in the district or in georgetown
jasonatperot (2:57:18 PM): i'm looking
labaloha (2:57:18 PM): or in virginia
jasonatperot (2:57:19 PM): hold on
labaloha (3:20:58 PM): my boss sucks so bad
jasonatperot (3:37:00 PM): can't talk, i am looking it up
labaloha (3:37:06 PM): ok
labaloha (4:25:05 PM): did you find it
jasonatperot (4:25:17 PM): almost got it
labaloha (4:25:22 PM): ok

Regarding: ...the hell?

AmandaH: has your crotch ever fallen asleep

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Regarding: Violating SpongeBob

jasonatperot: have you heard about people stealing all the spongebob blowups at burger king?
labaloha: no, but there is one on the one by my house
jasonatperot: they are being stolen in droves
labaloha: thats funny
labaloha: i wonder what they are doing with them
jasonatperot: i know what i would do with one
labaloha: what would you do?
jasonatperot: same thing i do with all blow-up dolls
labaloha: oh god