Monday, June 20, 2005

Regarding: Mistakes I've Made

Mr toe: dude. don't ever compare an 8 year old student of mine to a chick i might be able to get to sleep with me.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Regarding: Thoughts From a Sleep-Deprived Mind

jasonatperot: dude you know what would be messed up
jasonatperot: like, maybe the most messed up thing in the world
Mr toe: what's that
jasonatperot: if, like, you saw someone giving birth to a baby
jasonatperot: and it was born and everything
jasonatperot: and before they could wrap it up in a towel
jasonatperot: THAT baby gave birth to an even smaller baby?
jasonatperot: holy SHIT!!!!!
Mr toe: haha, like that russian toy
jasonatperot: and then that small baby gives birth AGAIN
jasonatperot: but to a roll of grape pez.
Mr toe: hmm.
jasonatperot: too much?
Mr toe: well, it's just that the second generation baby is already the size of a roll of grape pez.
Mr toe: maybe just one grape pez.
Mr toe: that i'd buy.